Best Fantasy Cricket Apps List in India 2022

Hello, everyone! I hope everything is going well for you. This article will be helpful to fantasy sports players and sports fans alike. I’ll tell you about the best fantasy cricket apps today. Because these apps face little competition, there is a good chance that you will win. Also, if you download these apps for the first time, you’ll get a Rs 100 cash bonus that you can use to play or participate in the contest. You will also be able to view a list of 100% bonus usable fantasy apps if you scroll down.

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Since I’ve been using these apps for two months, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well they work. In addition, there is no additional fee for making monthly withdrawals for an unlimited period of time. Also, the most important thing is that, despite being a new fantasy cricket app, you won’t experience any lag. If you tried playing Dream11 once but didn’t win because there was so much competition, I recommend trying these apps again.

Best Fantasy Cricket Apps List in India 2022

I’ve been playing Fantasy Cricket for a long time, as you all know. Over the past 3 years, I have seen it is exceptionally difficult to win in well known applications, and the fantastic association. So for this situation, in the event that your group scores more run or focuses, there is a colossal opportunity to win in low-rivalry applications. There are a lot of apps out there, but I’ll only list five that I’ve been using for the past year and a few from the past two to three months.

There are a variety of fantasy apps. You can play the way you want to. Dream11 is, as far as I know, the best fantasy app ever. However, it has some restrictions. As an example, we are unable to transfer our winnings from the Dream11 app to our Paytm wallet. Aside from this, it’s a fantasy app with a lot of competition.

I believe you must participate in the contest on new fantasy apps if you are a novice or want to win easily. Here you can check a rundown of the main 26 best dream applications in India 2021. I’ve added a few fantasy apps to this list that can help you earn real money without entering a contest. Indeed, you heard it right. When a group of people deposit money in their wallet, you can accumulate a winning balance for the rest of your life. Kubera Fantasy, Vision11, Royal11, 11Challengers, Fantasy Power 11, My11Circle, and others are among the apps.

When you refer a new friend, Jeet11, Real11, and Paytm First Games can assist you in receiving deposit cash. This balance (100 percent bonus usable balance) cannot be withdrawn, but you can use it to enter a contest.

1. Gamezy Fantasy Cricket App

One of the most innovative fantasy cricket apps is Gamezy. Gamescraft launched this app during the 2020 IPL. You can play Rummy, quizzes, cricket, and football in this application. This app and Nostra Pro were very similar to me.

You will get a ₹12516 cash reward for join and Rs 12516 money reward for each reference. This brand-new fantasy cricket app’s face is KL Rahul.

In most cases, you will receive a sign-up bonus of Rs 100 if you do not use a referral code. Therefore, you must include the Gamezy Referral Code SUVAM to receive an additional Rs 50 sign-up bonus.

You can pull out your triumphant equilibrium from GameZy wallet from as low as Rs 25 In Paytm Wallet or Ledger. The best thing about GameZy withdrawals is that you don’t have to check your bank or passport information. There are no KYC Bank withdrawal options in the brand-new GameZy app.

With an interface that is completely lag-free, Vision11 is also a great app among these three. You will also receive a cash bonus of Rs 300 for signing up, but you will need to enter the Vision11 Referral Code SUVAM. Manish Pandey is the brand minister of the Vision11 dream application.

2. Vision11 Fantasy Cricket App

Vision11’s referral policy was recently modified. You will now receive a cash bonus of 100 yen and the friend will receive a cash bonus of 300 yen if they join Vision11 and play the game. In addition, you will forever earn 20% real cash on your winning balance.

You will not receive any cash bonus if you do not enter the referral code. In addition, if you refer friends, you can get a cash bonus for as long as you want. Be that as it may, remember to advise your companions to enter the reference code. Until they enter the Vision11 Reference Code, you get no money reward.

The Vision11 app now has a new feature. Presently every client can procure a 20% offer for a lifetime from their alluded companion. For instance, you will receive 20 in your winning balance if your referred friend invests $100. The best part is you will get it for a lifetime and you can pull out it to your financial balance as well. This 20% offer for a lifetime in the Vision11 element will assist you with procuring a triumphant equilibrium even in the wake of joining any challenge.

Among all new apps, Real11 is one of the best fantasy apps. It comes with a referral offer and an excellent interface. You will receive 50 yen for downloading this brand-new fantasy app and up to 5,000 yen for recommending it. We all enjoy Hindi commentary when we watch cricket on television. One of the best Hindi commentators in India is Gautam Gambhir, a mentor for the LSG IPL Team. He is the fantasy app’s brand ambassador.

3. Real11 Fantasy App

After downloading the app, you must sign in with your email address and mobile number. A 50-cash bonus will then be added to your Real11 Wallet. You can participate in any paid contest with this bonus. Please be aware that before applying for KYC, you must use an OTP to verify your email address and mobile number.

You can earn up to 5,000 yen per new Real11 user you refer. You will receive 3,000 XtraCash and your referral will receive 100 XtraCash if they participate in a cash game worth 30,000 yen. In addition, you will receive 2000 yen in your deposit wallet each time one of your referrals wagers more than 30,000 yen on a cash game. Thus, you will receive up to 5000 for each referral in total.

The Real11 Fantasy App has a limit of 200 for minimum withdrawals. Your winnings can be withdrawn from your bank account. The successful withdrawal will take two to three business days.

In the past few months, this has been my first application, particularly for the grand league. You can see that I withdraw $3,990 if you read the Fantasy Power 11 Referral Code article. It requires just 4 hours to credit it to my Ledger. Similar to other well-known apps, you can play personal matches, grand league, and small league in this app. The team creation process and interface are almost identical to those of other applications.

4. Fantasy Power 11

You will receive a Rs 100 cash bonus for downloading the app, as well as a Rs 100 cash bonus each time a new referral is made. You can earn an unlimited cash bonus by recommending a friend. Likewise in Dream Power 11, you can help a money reward through a scratch card consistently.

The minimum amount you can withdraw from Fantasy Power 11 is Rs 200, and you can withdraw at any time. Only your bank account can receive your winning balance. You will need to verify your PAN card and bank account within two to three days in order to make a withdrawal from the bank account. Click here to learn more: Fantasy Power 11.

If you participate in a fantasy contest on a brand-new fantasy app, winning is a breeze. 11CHALLENGERS is another dream cricket application. I’ve been a long-time user of the 11Challengers Fantasy App. This app doesn’t have any issues with lag or slow loading, which is the best thing about new apps for me.

5. 11Challengers Fantasy App

You will receive a 50-cent referral bonus and a 100-cent cash bonus for downloading this app. In addition, you will receive a 20% commission on your winning balance from the deposit and investment of your referred friend. In the event that your companion contributes ₹100 to join a challenge, it implies you will get 20% of it in your triumphant equilibrium. So assuming that you share this application with your companions and they will play matches, then, at that point, you will bring in cash without joining any challenge.

At this point, clients can play Dream Cricket, Football and B-ball on this application. You can withdraw a maximum of 20,000 in Paytm and 50,000 in a single day from your Bank Account, while the minimum withdrawal limit for Paytm and Bank is 200. Before attempting a first-time withdrawal from a Bank Account, users must complete KYC.

For your information, this new fantasy cricket app, 11 Challengers, allows you to participate in a league or contest with a 100 percent bonus once or twice per week.

6. Virtual11 Fantasy App

Numerous of us are constantly seeking new fantasy apps. This is due to the fact that brand-new apps include contests with a 100% bonus that can be used, attractive deposit offers, referral offers, and a lot more. Virtual11 is yet another brand-new app for fantasy. This app currently only allows you to play fantasy football and cricket. The fact that this app has a much lower entry fee than other apps is the best part. You will receive a 100% cash bonus in your wallet up to 5999 if you use the code WELCOME during your first deposit.

The Virtual11 Fantasy app includes a signup bonus of 200 yen. A 200-cash bonus will be added to your wallet once your registration on this app is successful. You can utilize this reward to join forthcoming challenges on this application. This app does not suffer from lag.

The Virtual11 referral program is appealing. You will receive a 25% lifetime commission on your winning balance and a cash bonus of 100 yen for referring a friend. It implies this application will allow you an opportunity to bring in cash without effective money management a solitary rupee. You only need to recommend a friend.

7. Royal11 Fantasy App

A number of brand-new fantasy apps were released in India the year before the IPL. Royal11 is a brand-new fantasy app that came out this year. With Royal11, there is no difference between Vision11 and Fantasy power 11. You will receive a bonus of 100 for downloading this new fantasy app, as well as 300 and a lifetime deposit bonus of 25 percent for each new referral.

This app lets users play fantasy basketball, football, and cricket. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is 200. You can withdraw money from a bank or Paytm. It will require 2-3 days for effective withdrawal. However, as you are aware, in order to withdraw funds, you must complete KYC. You must provide your Pan Card and bank account information to complete KYC.

The greatest aspect of Royal11 is on the off chance that you are an Advertiser, Force to be reckoned with or YouTuber like me you can join their Partner Program. You can get a 75 percent commission from the people you refer.

In the fantasy gaming industry, this is the new giant. This app currently lets you play fantasy cricket and kabaddi. This appears to be an excellent fantasy app for novices. because it is a fantasy app with very little competition. This app lets you play DFS and normal contests.

8. Kubera Fantasy App

The Kubera Fantasy refer-and-earn option will earn you 50 yen. In addition, you will earn more commission if you join the Kubera Fantasy affiliate program. You will receive a commission if any user participates in any DFS contests.

Only the winning balance can be withdrawn from the user’s bank account. There is no Paytm withdrawal choice accessible in this application. You can pull out your triumphant equilibrium from ₹200 and a numerous of ₹200.

Prime Captain Fantasy App is my recommendation if you want to play games and win money quickly. This app has very little competition for you to see. This is not a gaming app that makes money. because this app only lets you play fantasy games. This app lets us play fantasy baseball, football, basketball, and cricket.

9. Prime Captain

When you play fantasy games, you will get a 100-cash bonus. Additionally, if you refer friends, you will receive a $100 cash bonus. The account option has four sections: cash bonus, referral bonus, deposit balance, and winning balance. Your referral bonus section will now contain all of your bonuses.

The Prime Captain Affiliate selection is best suited to you if you believe you can refer more people. You can bring in genuine money by joining their subsidiary program. The winning balance and the referral bonus both have a minimum withdrawal requirement of 300 yen. You can get in touch with the Prime Captain customer support team at (official email) if you encounter any issues.

The new market leader in fantasy cricket is Sportasy. This app lets us play fantasy basketball, football, and cricket. This app has the lowest entry fee, which is its best feature. A one-time bonus of $500 for new customers will be offered. You might win a contest with free entries on occasion. You can play games without spending a single rupee with this. In most cases, you will receive a signup bonus of 300 yen, and if you use the Sportasy referral code SUVAM, you will receive a cash bonus of 200 yen. In grand leagues, users have access to a 20% bonus.

10. Sportasy Fantasy App

This app offers withdrawal on the same day. You can get your money out of your bank account right away or within the next day. Additionally, it offers instant withdrawal. The maximum amount that can be taken out is 100.

You will receive a $500 cash bonus and a lifetime 25% referral commission on winnings if you refer friends. Along these lines, you will procure a triumphant equilibrium with practically no speculation.

My11Circle is a great option if you prefer to play only small leagues and don’t want to take a chance. Since at whatever point a major competition or series comes this application dispatches beat the master, beat the score challenge. In this case, all you have to do is beat a certain score or an expert like VVS Laxman, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Shubhman Gill, or the Sourav Ganguly team. If you do that, your winning balance will increase by 2X, 3X, or 5X.

11. My11Circle Fantasy App

The best feature of My11Circle is that you can also earn money that you can transfer directly to your bank if you don’t enjoy playing fantasy cricket. Assuming that you share the My11Circle Reference Code with your loved ones then you can procure up to Rs 551 from one reference. Additionally, all of the balance that can be transferred to your bank account.

After your referral participates in a paid contest, you will receive Rs 51 immediately. After that, if they participate in a total of 40 contests, you will receive Rs. 4 each time. On day 4, you will receive Rs. 4 if they play 10 matches per day. The most amazing aspect of this application is you can move all your reference adjusts straightforwardly to your Financial balance.

You must have Rs 10 in your account to withdraw money. My11Circle only allows one free withdrawal per month. Therefore, I recommend collecting all referral bonuses and withdrawing for free only once per month.

Paytm First Game is certainly not a new application. It was introduced one year ago. However, a brand-new feature in this Paytm First Game is Fantasy Cricket.

12. Paytm First Games

When your friends deposit money into their Paytm First Game wallets, you can earn up to Rs 30,000. Here you can play rummy, call break, poker and dream games as well. When your friend signs up, you both get a bonus of 20 yen. After that, if they play rummy, you both get 15 and 10 deposit cash, respectively.

Additionally, depending on your friend’s total rummy wagering, you will receive up to 5000 in additional deposit cash. This application accompanies a fortunate challenge as well. 25 lucky referrers will each receive $100 in Paytm cash each day each week. Those who have friends who have played at least one rummy game are eligible for this offer. This Paytm first games app’s brand ambassador is Sachin Tendulkar.

Whether you enjoy fantasy football, fantasy cricket, fantasy basketball, or any other fantasy sport, the MPL Fantasy App has a contest for you. Additionally, you do not need to be an expert to play fantasy on MPL. MPL makes it simple to know who you’re up against, so it’s always a fair match. There are even tournaments just for new players so you can learn how to play at your own pace.

13. MPL Fantasy App

Draft your fantasy team in a few simple steps. Your account is credited with any winnings as soon as the match ends. Withdrawals are moment and the most amazing aspect? Withdrawals from any bank account, PayTM account, or UPI ID are simple.

MPL is not just an app for fantasy cricket. Something is there for each user. Contests for fantasy football, fantasy basketball, and even cricket are available! Play matches against your friends or anyone else you like.

Might you want to become familiar with the essentials of everyday dream challenges? Or perhaps some advice for the upcoming contests? Keep an eye on our blog for exclusive offers, news, and tips.

When we think of the best fantasy cricket app, Dream11 is the first thing that comes to mind. It is, indeed, the best fantasy cricket app. However, due to excessive competition, it currently occupies position 5. If your luck is on your side, you will undoubtedly win in this app. However, it is extremely hard contrasted with the other few applications like My11Kings, Dream Power 11, My11Circle and so forth.

14. Dream11 Fantasy Cricket App

You can play baseball, handball, handball, and other sports in this app.

You will receive a cash bonus of Rs 100 for downloading and Rs 100 for referring others. The referral bonus you get from this app can’t go to your bank. The cash bonus can only be used in paid contests. You can participate in Head to Head, Grand League, Small League, Private Contest, etc. in this fantasy cricket app.

Additionally, Dream11 introduces quizzes and unique add-money promotions. Please visit our dream11 quiz article to keep up with all of these offers.

As far as prominence, MyTeam11 is the second-best dream cricket application after Dream11. Virendra Sehwag is the brand diplomat of this dream gaming stage. This application is not brand-new. On this platform, fantasy cricket, football, and other games are played by millions of users.

15. MyTeam11 Fantasy Cricket App

MyTeam11 will give you a $100 sign-up bonus and a $100 referral bonus up to $1,000. The emotionally supportive network and withdrawal arrangement of MyTeam11 are extremely quick and simple.

You will get a ₹25 join reward and ₹75 for Container Confirmation. Additionally, you will receive a $100 bonus in your wallet for each new MyTeam11 referral. You will receive 100 yen immediately and then 5% of the referral’s deposit.

You can use a 100% bonus up to 25 in the second match, and a 100% bonus up to 100 in the first contest with 100 or more participants. Then, you can use 25% in mega contests with more than 100 participants and 5% in head-to-head, hot, and other contests.

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