ICC World Cup Winner List From 1975-2023

The ODI and T20 winners of the ICC World Cup Winner are listed here. In 1975, England hosted the first ICC World Cup competition. It consisted of a series of one-day matches with each team playing 60 overs. It was held external Britain, in India and Pakistan, without precedent for 1987. The number of overs played by each team was also reduced to 50 in the 1987 match.

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ODI ICC World Cup Winners List: Overview

Australia became the first team to win three World Cup tournaments in a row in 2007. So far, there have been 12 World Cup competitions. The nation with the most success is Australia, which has won five World Cups. West Indies and India are the only two nations to have won the world cup two times. India won the World Cup in 1983 and 2011, while West Indies won in 1975 and 1979. England won the most recent 2019 world cup. The following is a list of One-Day ICC World Cup winners:

ODI ICC World Cup Winners List

Here is the list of Men’s ODI ICC World Cup winners from 1975 to 2022 with winners, runner-ups, host country, total scores and final result for One Day International (ODI).

ICC World Cup Winners List (ODI)
Year Host Winner Score Runner-up Score Result
1975 England West Indies 291–8 Australia 274 West Indies won by 17 runs
1979 England West Indies 286–9 England 194 West Indies won by 92 runs
1983 England India 183 West Indies 140 India won by 43 runs
1987 India and Pakistan Australia 253–5 England 246–8 Australia won by 7 runs
1992 Australia and New Zealand Pakistan 249–6 England 227 Pakistan won by 22 runs
1996 Pakistan and India Sri Lanka 245–3 Australia 241 Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets
1999 England Australia 133–2 Pakistan 132 Australia won by 8 wickets
2003 South Africa Australia 359–2 India 234 Australia won by 125 runs
2007 West Indies Australia 281–4 Sri Lanka 215–8 Australia won by 53 runs
2011 India and Bangladesh India 277–4 Sri Lanka 274–6 India won by 6 wickets
2015 Australia and New Zealand Australia 186–3 New Zealand 183 Australia won by 7 wickets
2019 England and Wales England 241 New Zealand 241–8 Match tied after regular play and super over; England won on boundary count
2023 India

ICC World Cup Winners List : Results by Country

Australia has won the ICC ODI World Cup five times and finished second two times, making it the most successful team. Following India’s and West Indies’ two World Cup victories, The last ICC ODI Men World Cup 2019 was held in Britain and Ribs and this world cup was won by the facilitating country Britain interestingly. The country-by-country winners of the ODI ICC World Cup are listed below.

Team Final Appearances Winners Runners Years Won Years Runners
Australia 7 5 2 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015 1975, 1996
England 4 1 3 2019 1979, 1987, 1992
India 3 2 1 1983, 2011 2003
New Zealand 2 0 2 2015, 2019
Pakistan 2 1 1 1992 1999
Sri Lanka 3 1 2 1996 2007, 2011
West Indies 3 2 1 1975, 1979 1983

FAQs Related To ICC World Cup Winner

How many ICC Cricket World Cup has India won?

The Indian cricket team is a two-time world champion. In addition to winning the 1983 Cricket World Cup, India was also the first country to win the Cricket World Cup on home soil in 2011. They were also runners-up at the 2003 Cricket World Cup and semifinalists four times (1987, 1996, 2015, 2019).

How many one day international world cup India won?

The Indian cricket team are two times World Champions. In addition to winning the 1983 Cricket World Cup, they triumphed over Sri Lanka in the 2011 Cricket World Cup on home soil- "A remarkable achievement".

Which was the first known as playing country to beat India in an international match?

Sri Lanka got the status of Test playing country in 1981, and beat India in the 1979 World Cup.

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