My11Circle APK Download 2023, Latest Version for Android

In this article, we will discuss My11Circle APK Download. This app is fantasy. By forming a team, you can make money here. One of India’s best fantasy apps is here. The My11Circle app is completely safe and does not cheat in any way.

Many individuals have close to zero familiarity with this application, so in this article total data about My11Circle has been given. So we should realize what is my11 circle?

Through the My11circle App, numerous individuals, many of whom live in rural areas, have won crores of rupees. A very well-liked Fantasy Sports application is My11circle. Which has in excess of 10 lakh clients in an exceptionally brief time frame.

The fact that former India captain and current BCCI President Sourav Ganguly promotes the My11circle app is the primary reason for its popularity. In addition, cricketers like Shane Watson and Rashid Khan endorse the My11circle App.

My11Circle APK Download 2023

My11Circle App was not available on the Google Play Store in the past, but it is now available there. Therefore, downloading the My11Circle App from the Play Store is simple.

My11Circle Apk Download Version ( Up To Date)
Download Link Click To Download
Referral Code JGBQGQLZ (get 100rs welcome bonus)
Minimum Withdrawal 100 Rs
Payment Methods Paytm & Bank Withdrawal

The My11Circle App is simple to download and use for account creation. To enlist in the application, you need to follow a few simple tasks, which we will tell you further –

Step-1 For this, first open Google Play Store in your mobile and search by typing My11Circle in the search bar.

Step-2 You will get the Fantasy Gaming App on the first or second number. Then which you can download and install.

Step-3 If you do not find this My11Circle App on Play Store, then you can also download My11Circle App by visiting the official website of My11Circle.

How to create account in My11Circle App?

Prior to doing anything in My11Circle you really want to know how to utilize it. so that you can use and comprehend all of My11Circle’s options effectively.

Step-1 First of all click on the App and open it. And click on Register option.

Step-2 After clicking on Register, a new page will open in front of you in which you have to fill a small form. In this you have to fill the following information-

  • Create a username of 4 to 12 characters.
  • Create a password, must be at least 6 digits long.
  • Enter your mobile number.

Step-3 After filling the details, you have to click on register and after that your account will be ready on the application.


When you are at home, you will see options for games like cricket and football here. If you click on a game, all of the matches for that game will be shown to you here. On the home screen, you will also see Upcoming, Live. complete This choice will also be displayed.


By clicking on Upcoming, you can see if there is going to be a match that is related to the game you have selected. It will show you whenever there is going to be a match.


Live displays a match of your choice that is currently playing live. You can see your ranking on a live match from this location if you put a contest on that match.


After clicking on Complete, you will be able to see all completed matches in the game you have selected. You will be displayed here after a match has been completed or when a contest has been added to a match.


The league in which you will receive information regarding the league-related contest is the option display that appears after you press the Home button. In addition, this provides information about champions.

Refer & Earn

Choose this option if you want to earn money by sharing this game with others. where, in addition to Whatsapp, SMS, and email, you can share the Referral Link. You can then also copy the link to your Referral Link.

You can share your referral link with friends by using these sharing methods, and you can also see the list of Bonuses earned and any friends who have joined you. You can send a reminder to complete all processes by clicking on the reminder.


You can learn about upcoming special contests from this location. which provides you with additional crucial information regarding the contest’s offer price.


You can use work options such as Account Details, Withdrawals, the Fantasy Point System, and Help and Support by clicking More.

How to play My11Circle?

Your work will be completed if you have My11Circle APK Download and registered in it. You only need to participate in any contest in this; you don’t have to do anything like bowling, batting, or anything else similar.

You must form a team in order to participate in the competition, and your team’s performance will determine your rank.

Friends, entering a contest and forming a team in My11Circle is a breeze. For any one match, you can make six teams instead of just one. Friends, let’s learn how to play this game. When you carefully examine a contest’s entry fee and the prize for winning it, you can figure out which contest is right for you. The Join Button can be clicked on.

Step 1 –

  • First of all you have to be on home screen of My11Circle.
  • Here you have to first select the game you want to play.
  • After this you have to stay on Upcoming.
  • After this you will start getting match shows related to your selected game here.

Step 2 –

  • After clicking on any match, you will see a screen like this, the list of contests will be shown on this screen. You can see in the image that you will be showing the Join Button. Also, the rate you have written above the Join button will be your entry fee.
  • After checking the entry fee, you can also check what the price will be if you win in any contest you want to join and to check this you can click on any place on the contest except join.
  • After this, you can check that in the contest on which you clicked, what the person will get and all this is given according to the rank.

Friends, you must have been aware of how to enter a contest up until this point. However, your procedure is not yet complete; you must now establish your team.

After clicking the “join” button in a contest, you must then select your team’s players. Friends, let us now explain the My11Circle Team procedure: To begin, select the Player Category option.

How to make My11Circle Team?

After that, the relevant players from the category you clicked on will be displayed to you. To add any player to your 11-player team, click the Green Plus button.

Similarly, you must select players from four categories before clicking the next to join the contest after paying the entry fees.

To begin, you can see that the credits for Left Show will include the number 100. In addition, you will be able to see the list of players, which includes some points in the credits that may differ depending on the players’ ranking.

Because of these credit points, whichever player you choose will have his credit points reduced from 100 credits to 100 credits, giving you 100 credits points. As a result, you must have 11 players on your team.

Credit Left

My11Circle Apk Download 2023  You can see here that the player will only be displayed in four categories. All of these shows—Wicket Keeper, Batsmen, All Rounders, and Bowlers—require you to pick players from these four categories.

You will display all of the players from the match that was played in each of these categories, which means that you will display all of the players from both teams. From these players, you will need to put together an eleven-person team. Additionally, keep in mind that you can only select seven players from any one team in the current match.

Players Category

At the point when you click on one of the players classification, you will see something like this here. This means that you can choose as many or as few players from this category as you want.

We now know how to add players, in addition to the credit point, the category of players, and the minimum and maximum number of players that can choose from any category.

Pick Players

My11Circle Apk Download 2023 You will see a list of some players here if you click on any category from the player category listed above. You will also see the + Plus button in front of the player’s name. Select the player you want to add to your team by clicking on him. An x icon will appear next to the player you choose, indicating that player has been selected.

Presently you will have a popup show of the challenge on which your challenge was at first chosen. To join, select Join Now from the Entry Fees section.

Select Players

Your My11Circle contest is over once all of these steps have been completed. You must wait for this match to start.

  • When you make a team of 11 players from all the categories of players, then you can see your players by clicking on Team Preview. After that you have to click on the next button.
  • After this you will show the list of your players, but here you will have to make one of your selected players as Captian and one player as Voice Captain. You should keep in mind that if you want to make a caption, then you will get double the point of the player, and one and a half times the number of the voice captain you make.
  • Whichever players you feel will play right, you should make them the captain and voice captain, so that you will have more chances of getting good points, after that you click on Save Team.

You will need money to play in My11Circle, but friends, if you play the Practice Contest, you won’t need money. However, even if you win, you won’t get anything.

You have the option of adding cash to your account or not. In addition, you can fund your account with at least 25 rupees. Additionally, to receive the 1500 bonus, you must add 1000. Really at that time you will get a reward of 1500, yet at whatever point you add cash, you get some reward.

How to Add Cash in My11Circle?

My11Circle Apk Download 2023  You can now add cash using a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, paytm, google pay, and other UPI. You can do this any way you want to add money.

Subsequent to adding cash, your money will be added to your record, which you can find in the highest point of your screen.

  • To add cash, you have to click on the Cash Add Button given on the top side of the screen.
  • After this you have to type that amount. which you want to add.
  • After that you have to click on Deposit.

My11Circle Apk Download 2023  Friends, in order to receive a bonus of 1500 in My11circle, you must first deposit 1000 rupees into your account. Only then will you receive a bonus of 1500, which will result in a total of 2500 being deposited into your account. which will have 1000 rupees added to it, and your 1500 bonus will be added to it.

My11Circle Apk Download 2023 You can only participate in the contest with the bonus that you receive when you receive a total bonus of $2500. It can’t be taken out of your bank account. Friends, you can still play My11circle if you don’t want to take advantage of this bonus, but you’ll need to add at least 25 rupees to your account.

How to get 1500 bonus in My11Circle?

On My11Circle, winning a match requires a lot of points; your rank is determined by how many points you get, and the Point System lists which players get how many points.

The point system makes this all crystal clear, regardless of which team you create. As you can see from this location, the MY11Circle Point System, the better the player’s batting, bowling, and fielding, the more likely you are to score points.

My11Circle Point System

In order to play My11Circle, here are some helpful hints. You are more likely to win if you know a lot about cricket or can make accurate predictions.

You must be aware that you can only withdraw money if your account balance is at least 100 rupees. In addition, you should be aware that adding funds to My11circle prevents you from withdrawing those additional rupees.

My11Circle App Batting Point System

Batting T20 ODI Test
Runs 0.5 0.5 0.5
Four 0.5 0.5 0.5
Six 1 1 1
30 runs 2
Half-century 4 2 2
Century 8 4 4
Double-century 8 8
Triple-Century 12
Duck -2 -3 -4

My11Circle App Bowling Point System

Bowling T20 ODI Test
Wicket  10 12 8 10
Maiden over 4 2 0
3-wicket 3 3 3
5-wicket 6 6 6
7-wicket 9 9 9

My11Circle App Fielding Point System

Fielding T20 ODI Test
Catch 4 4 4
Stumping 6 6 6
Run-out Direct 6 6 6
Run-out With Help 3 3 3

My11Circle App Strike Rate Point System

Strike Rate T20 ODI
Less than 50 -3 -2
50 to 74.99 -2 -1
75 to 99.99 -1 0
100 to 149.99 0 1
150 to 199.99 2 2
200+ 4 3

My11Circle App Economy Rate Point System

Economy Rate T20 ODI
Less than 3 3 3
3.00 to 4.49 2 2
4.50 to 5.99 1 1
6.00 to 7.49 0 -1
7.50 to 8.99 -1 -2
9+ -2 -3

Some tips related to My11Circle 

Whenever you win a match or earn money from a referral. Therefore, you can only withdraw those rupees from your account if the same occurs in your account. Answer: The My11Circle app is an Indian online fantasy gaming app. Let’s learn how to withdraw funds from it. Whose settle is situated in Mumbai.

  • If you do not have knowledge of cricket, then it is not that you will not win, but you can still win, because no one can tell well which player will play well when. But still you should keep some information about the players playing before the start of the match, like which player can play well today.
  • There are also many experienced people who make predictions on the match before the start of any match. You should also keep their words in mind and from here you can decide to build a good team.
  • Which team is playing first and which one can also keep an eye on this later and make some changes in your team accordingly, which player will play well, or plays, on the basis of this, you can make a team.
  • It is not enough just by making one team, but if you make a team in more than one contest, then you can increase the chances of winning.

How to Withdraw Money from My11Circle?

To pull out cash, you want to realize that you can pull out cash provided that you have somewhere around 100 rupees in your record. In addition, you should be aware that adding funds to My11circle prevents you from withdrawing those additional rupees.

Whenever you win a match or earn money from a referral. So the equivalent can come in your record, meaning you can pull out just those rupees. Let’s learn how to get cash out of My11Circle Apk Download 2023

  • First of all you have to click on More given in Bottom.
  • After this you will have List Show in which you will have the option Show of Withdrawals, you have to click on it and after that you have to click on Request Withdrawals.
  • After this you will have to fill your banking details here, in which you will have to fill your Bank Account Number, Account Holder Name and IFSC Code.
  • After filling the banking details correctly, you have to click on Save and your information will be saved.
  • After this you can withdraw your money after filling the Withdrawable Amount given above Banking Details.
  • After withdrawing money, it will take at least 3 days for your money to come to your account.

5. Rewards and bonuses: My11Circle offers cash rewards and bonuses to its users, making it an attractive platform. And There is other option you can share and earn Money option and you get 1500 rupees bonus .

6. Payment options: The app offers safe and secure payment options, ensuring that your financial information is protected at all times.

7. Customer support: The app provides 24/7 customer support, helping users to resolve any issues or concerns they may have while using the app.

Most Important Tips For All Users While you Playing My11circle.

Some important tips will help you to build good team and winning Chance in this application.

Tips-1 – IF you are not interested  or never play this type of application you still have chance to win. because no body knows which player is playing good today and which player out of from. So if you choose and select good player still have good chance to win this game. But you need to still own research on internet before making the team. This will help you to win.

Tips-2  – There are lots of other player playing on this game as well. so you need to mindful and play intelligently and make your excellent team. so Everything based on your research and luck.

Tips-3 – If you are making only one team and you think you win on the basis of making one team. its your mistake so you need to see the other contest. How much money that contest give and make different team and join other contest with other team. So what happens IF you have Different 3 to 4 team. One team not perform well. so other team have chance to perform well.

Tips-4 – After making teams and join contest you need to keep eye on the performing player and Match. So you have idea about the application and game how its works. Otherwise What happened You just join the contest and Minimise the game and after match you see you are losing the game. So you need to see until match finish and you need see the stats as well. So if you lose this 3 to 4 contest. Next time You play better.

Tax Deductions System In My11circle.

As required by Indian law, your winnings may be subject to tax deducted at source (TDS). As stipulated by Indian law, the TDS amount and/or exemption limit may fluctuate from time to time. On winnings greater than 10,000, TDS is currently charged at a rate of 30%.My 11 Circle Apk Download

My 11 Circle Apk Download As an illustration, suppose you enter a contest and win $12,000 with a $100 entry fee. Since your net winning in that challenge was bigger than $10,000 and was equivalent to 11,900 ($12,000 short 100), a TDS of 30% will be applied to the net winning sum and deducted from the award ($12,000). Your winnings will be reduced by 3,570/- (11,900 x 30 percent) and credited to your account with 8,430/- (This information was obtained from

FAQ Related to My11Circle APK Download 2023

Where is My11Circle app company?

Answer: Play Games 24X7 Pvt. Ltd. released the My11Circle app in 2019. Ltd. The co-founders of Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman launched it.

How to play My11Circle?

Go to ‘Matches’ > ‘Upcoming’. Choose a match and use the 100 credit points in your kit to build your fantasy team. Join our “Practice” contests if you’re new to fantasy gaming and want to learn more.

How to Withdraw Money from My11Circle?

  1. You can Withdraw Cash at any time by going to My Account page and clicking on Withdraw Cash.
  2. You are then asked to enter an amount you would like to withdraw.
  3. You can only withdraw an amount less than or equal to your Withdrawable Balance. …
  4. For making a withdrawal, you need to be ID verified.

When was the My11Circle app launched?

Answer: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is the T20 league’s brand ambassador, and Indian cricketer Sourav Ganguly is the My11Circle app’s brand ambassador.

Who is the brand ambassador of My11Circle app?

Answer: My 11 Circle Apk Download 2023  You can make money using the My11circle APK by referring friends and playing fantasy games.

How to earn money from My11circle App?

Answer: My 11 Circle Apk Download 2023  Using the My11circle APK, you can earn money by playing fantasy games and referring friends. Let’s learn how to withdraw money from My11Circle.

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