Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike Rate in IPL

Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike :Top 5 Players with the Highest StrikeSome of the most thrilling batsman performances are shown to cricket fans on the platform known as the Indian Premier League (IPL). In T20 cricket, the strike rate is a fundamental variable that decides a batsman’s exhibition, estimating the quantity of runs a player scores for every 100 balls confronted. In this article, we will investigate the top players with the Most elevated Strike rate in IPL history. The IPL has given a stage to batsmen to feature their abilities, and the strike rate is a sign of their viability in doing as such.

What is Strike Rate in IPL

Strike rate is a sort of estimating measures in cricket for batsmen. It’s characterized as the quantity of runs scored per 100 balls confronted. Despite its appearance, the term is quite simple to comprehend. For example, on the off chance that a batsman scored 42 runs off 21 balls, his strike rate will be 200. How? Peruse on.
21 balls liken to 42 runs;
100 balls liken to (42/21)*100 = 200 runs.

Most elevated Strike rate in IPL 

1. Andre Russell
Andre Russell, the West Indian all-rounder, has laid down a good foundation for himself as one of the most dangerous and dynamic players in T20 cricket, with a mind boggling strike pace of 177.88 in IPL history. Known for his forceful batting style, Russell has been a fan-number one and an essential player for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) since he joined the group in 2014.

Russell’s great strike rate is a demonstration of his capacity to score runs rapidly and reliably. He has played a sum of 98 coordinates in the IPL and has amassed 2035 runs with a normal of 29.14. His most noteworthy score in the competition is an unbeaten 88 runs, which he scored in a match against the Chennai Super Rulers in 2018. Russell has likewise hit 140 sixes in the IPL, which is a demonstration of his hard-hitting batting style.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike

Aside from his batting, Russell has likewise been an important resource for KKR with his medium-pace bowling and uncommon handling. He has taken 66 wickets in the IPL, with his best bowling figures being 4/20. Also, his handling abilities have been lauded by a larger number of people, and he has taken a few dazzling gets and affected essential run-outs for his group.
Russell’s performances have been important to KKR’s success in the IPL, especially in the 2019 season, when he helped them win the championship. He took 11 wickets and scored 510 runs at an incredible strike rate of 204.81 during the tournament. His overall abilities and capacity to perform under tension have made him one of the most significant players in the IPL.

2. Liam Livingstone
Liam Livingstone, the English cricketer, has dazzled in the restricted open doors he has had in the IPL, with a strike pace of 166.87, which puts him second on the rundown of the Greatest Strike rate in IPL history. In spite of playing just 23 matches, Livingstone’s forceful batting style has won him numerous admirers among cricket fans around the world.
In his short stretch in the IPL, Livingstone has scored 549 runs with a normal of 22.87. His most elevated score in the competition is 70 runs, which he accomplished while playing for the Rajasthan Royals in 2019. Livingstone’s capacity to score rapidly and reliably has made him a thrilling player to watch, and his strike rate is a demonstration of his forceful methodology.

Livingstone’s batting style is ideal for the T20 format, where scoring runs quickly and hitting boundaries are crucial. He has demonstrated the way that he can clear the ropes effortlessly, and his capacity to overwhelm bowlers has been critical for his group’s prosperity. Regardless of playing a set number of matches, Livingstone has laid down a good foundation for himself as one of the most thrilling players in the IPL.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike
3. Sunil Narine
Sunil Narine, the West Indian spinner, has made huge commitments to the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) with his inside and out abilities. While he is principally known for his extraordinary abilities to bowl, Narine has likewise shown to be a convenient batsman with a strike pace of 162.7 in the IPL, making him quite possibly of the most perilous batsman in the association.

In 148 matches played in the IPL, Narine has scored 1025 runs at a normal of 15.29. While playing for KKR in 2018, he scored 75 runs, which is the tournament’s highest score. Narine has been a valuable player for his team because he can score quickly and consistently, especially when quick runs are needed.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike

Narine’s batting style is unconventional however compelling, with his capacity to hit hotshots and score rapidly being his fundamental assets. He can turn the game around with his forceful batting, and his strike rate is a demonstration of his hard-hitting approach. Narine’s commitments with the bat have been critical for KKR’s progress in the IPL, and he has demonstrated to be a significant all-rounder for the group.

4. Nicholas Pooran

is a West Indian international and one of Punjab Kings’ most important players. He has the second-highest strike rate in IPL history. Played in a sum of 21 IPL matches, Pooran has scored a sum of 521 runs which incorporates 2 half hundreds of years. He has confronted a sum of 315 balls in IPL up to this point. This large number of insights give Nicholas Pooran a strike pace of 165.39.

5.Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pnadya is the youthful power hitter of Mumbai Indians. With a couple of long stretches of involvement with IPL, he has become one of the most dreaded batsmen ever in IPL. Pandya has showed up in 81 matches addressing Mumbai Indians and has scored a sum of 1362 runs confronting 857 balls. Pandya has also scored four half centuries in the IPL thus far. He is the player with the fourth most noteworthy strike rate in IPL of 158.92.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike

6. Chris Morris

Chris Morris is very notable for his astonishing innings in IPL. He has seemed a sum of 7 IPL matches over various seasons and has scored a sum of 551 runs with a high score of 82 runs. He has a strike rate of 157.87 in the Indian Premier League after facing 349 balls.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike




Economy Rate


Andre Russell

Kolkata Knight Riders



Nicholas Pooran

Punjab Kings



Sunil Narine

Kolkata Knight Riders



Hardik Pandya

Mumbai Indians



Chris Morris

Rajasthan Royals


Highest Batting Strike Rate in IPL 2023

Player Team Mat Runs SR Ave
Rashid Khan GT 3 10 333.33
Umran Malik SRH 3 19 237.5 19
Shardul Thakur KKR 3 76 230.3 38
Nicholas Pooran LSG 4 141 220.31 47
Mark Wood LSG 3 11 220 11
MS Dhoni CSK 4 58 214.81 58
Akash Deep RCB 2 17 212.5 17
Ajinkya Rahane CSK 2 92 200 46
Glenn Maxwell RCB 3 76 194.87 38
Krishnappa Gowtham
LSG 2 23 191.66

Highest Batting Strike Rate in IPL 2022

In Indian Premier League  2022, Prerak Mankad has the best batting strike rate, he scored 4 runs with a strike rate of 400 in 1 match.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike

Player Team Mat Runs SR Ave
Prerak Mankad PBKS 1 4 400
Pat Cummins KKR 5 63 262.5 15.75
Tim David MI 8 186 216.27 37.2
Rashid Khan GT 16 91 206.81 22.75
Ripal Patel DC 2 6 200 6
Dinesh Karthik RCB 16 330 183.33 55
Liam Livingstone PBKS 14 437 182.08 36.41
Sunil Narine KKR 14 71 177.5 8.87
Andre Russell KKR 14 335 174.47 37.22
Manan Vohra LSG 2 19 172.72 19


IPL 2023 Format

IPL 2023 Configuration: The arrangement of the IPL 2023 version will be equivalent to the earlier year yet there will be changes in the scenes. The specifics of the IPL 2023 Format are as follows:
There are two groups of five teams out of the ten.
An irregular attract was utilized to decide the gatherings and who plays whom across the gatherings once and two times.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike
In the gathering stage, each group plays 14 games confronting the other four groups in their gathering twice every (one home and one away game), four groups in the other gathering once, and the excess group twice.

IPL Focuses Table framework: The group dominating a game will be granted 2 focuses. The terrible group won’t get any focuses. If there should be an occurrence of a draw or no outcome, the two groups will be granted 1 point.
Following the Page playoff system, the group stage is followed by a four-game playoff stage. Four games will be played in the end of the season games:
Priority 1: between the first and second-ranked teams in the group stage.
Eliminator: between the groups positioned third and fourth in the gathering stage.
Qualifier 2: between the failure of Qualifier 1 and the victor of the Eliminator.
Final: between the champs of Qualifiers 1 and 2.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike

IPL 2023 New Rules

IPL 2023 New Standards: BCCI presented Effect Player Rule in IPL 2023 season and raise a significant change in IPL history. Aside from this, the competition will adhere to the last release’s guidelines. Following are the subtleties of the IPL 2023 guidelines:-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike

In IPL 2023, captains of teams can enter with two distinct team sheets before selecting their final playing eleven following the toss.
Contingent upon the throw result, the groups can pick their best 11 after the throw. Yet, till last season, the chiefs need to trade the groups before the throw.
For Instance: To bat first and afterward guard an all out on a sluggish track in turning conditions and is compelled to bowl first they can pick the playing 11 with an additional spinner in the beginning 11 and afterward they can supplant an expert bowler with a hitter in the second innings to assist with the run-pursue.
BCCI acquainted the new rule with cut down the witticism of “win throw, dominate match” in specific circumstances.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike
to have two DRS for each inning in IPL 2023.
Players can take surveys for wides and no-balls in IPL
Upon a catch excusal, regardless of regardless of whether the batsmen have crossed the approaching batsman will take the strike, with the exception of in the event that it’s the last wad of the over
Assuming any group neglects to track down their playing XI because of Coronavirus, the BCCI will endeavor to reschedule the game later in the IPL 2023.
In the event that rescheduling won’t be imaginable, IPL Specialized Group will see the matter.
In End of the season games/Last: On the off chance that Over or resulting Super Overs can’t be finished because of some explanation then the group that has completed higher in the association will be pronounced as the champ.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike

New Updates in IPL Playing Conditions
Over rate punishment of just four defenders outside the 30-yard circle for each over not finished in the apportioned time.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike
The wicketkeeper’s unfair movement will result in a dead ball and five penalty runs.
Uncalled for development by a defender will bring about a dead ball and 5 punishment runs

What is Impact Player Rule

Influence Player must be an Indian player except if there are under 4 abroad players in the Playing XI.
Just an abroad player who is essential for 4 substitutes named in the group sheet can be utilized as an Effect Player. On the off chance that a group presents an abroad player as an Effect Player in a match, in no situation could a fifth abroad player at any point take the field.
Groups need to pick 4 substitutes alongside the playing X1 during remove time and from 4, only one can be utilized as an effect player.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike
Skipper will choose the Effect Player
Influence Player can be presented before the beginning of the innings, or after the finishing of the over, or after the fall of a wicket or after the hitter resigns whenever during the over.
A Player who is supplanted by an Effect Player (“Supplanted Player”) can never again participate in the rest of the match and is likewise not allowed to return as a substitute defender.
The BCCI has confirmed that Impact Players are unable to serve as captains.
An Effect Player can come instead of a resigned hitter who will be permitted to come later in the event that need be.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike

Each match, only one Impact Player can be used by either team. It is, in any case, not mandatory. It really depends on groups regardless of whether they need to utilize the Effect Player.
On the off chance that a player gets harmed while handling mid-over, he can never again partake in the match assuming the group acquaints Effect Player with supplant him.
In the event of a physical issue to the effect player during the match, a substitute defender is permitted to handle instead of a harmed player provided that umpires are fulfilled.
The substitute will not bowl or go about as skipper.
Punishment time for the batting and handling groups will apply to the player off the field for the substitute according to the playing conditions.-Top 5 Players with the Highest Strike

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