Top 5 Team With Most Wins In IPL

by Palak jha



we will find out the top five teams with the most wins in IPL

Mumbai Indians

Rohit Sharma led Mumbai Indians has been the most successful team in IPL in terms of winning matches and wearing the crown.

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings comes in the 2nd position in terms of most wins in IPL history, with 124 victories in 214 matches.

Kolkata Knight Riders

The two-time IPL champion, Kolkata Knight Riders has registered the 3rd most number of matches in the history of IPL

Royal Challengers Bangalore

One of the strongest teams in IPL, Royal Challengers Bangalore gets the 4th spot on the list of the most wins in IPL with 109 wins in 232 matches.

Delhi Capitals

The team that has exalted in the last two years, Delhi Capitals stands in the 5th place in terms of most wins in IPL with 100 positive results out of 229 matches.

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