Who Won Yesterday’s Match? GT Beat CSK – IPL Match 1 Result

Who Won Yesterday’s Match? GT Beat CSK – IPL Match 1 Result, this is where you can find out, in addition to the match summary, yesterday’s Man of the Match, highlights, and a lot more.

Who Won Yesterday IPL Match?

One of the most popular cricket tournaments in the world is the Indian Premier League (IPL), and fans eagerly await each match’s outcome. An IPL match that took place yesterday kept fans on the edge of their seats. The most pressing concern on everyone’s minds is, “Who won the IPL match yesterday in IPL 2023?” Alongside the outcome, cricket lovers are additionally inquisitive about the playing XI of the two groups and the features of the game.

Let’s take a look at yesterday’s IPL match to see which team won, which players made the starting XI, and which thrilling moments made it to the highlights.

Who Won Yesterday IPL Match – Result

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a cricket tournament that takes place every year. It is watched by a lot of people and makes fans very excited. The IPL match of yesterday was no exception. The match’s outcome was eagerly anticipated by fans all over the world. There was a thrilling conclusion to the intense game between two strong teams.

Nevertheless, there was only one winner in the end. Who then won the IPL match yesterday? Without further ado, CSK emerged victorious. The triumphant group’s exhibition was excellent, and they set up a splendid showcase of cricket, prompting their merited triumph.

*The specifics of yesterday’s IPL match are listed below.

Yesterday IPL Match GT vs CSK
IPL Match Number First
Timing 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Who Won Yesterday IPL Match? Gujrat Titans GT
Venue Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad


IPL Match Scores for Yesterday Match

Yesterday’s IPL match was no different; both teams played impressive cricket, resulting in a fierce battle. It was a treat to see the runs accumulate on the scoreboard, as fans were eagerly awaiting the game’s final scores.

In yesterday’s IPL match, Chennai Super Kings won by a score of 190/3 (20) and Kolkata Knight Riders lost by a score of 160/10. Both teams gave it their all in a tightly fought match, but in the end, the team with more runs scored came out on top. The scores showed how good the cricket was played, and the game was a great spectacle.


Team Score
Chennai Super Kings 178-7 (20 Over)
Gujral Titans 182-5 (20 Over)

Yesterday IPL Match Playing XI

One of the most basic parts of any IPL match is playing XI, which comprises of the eleven players who will address their group on the field. Because it gives them an idea of how the team will approach the match, fans eagerly await the announcement of the playing XI for each game.

The previous IPL match was no special case, and fans were eager to see which players would come to the playing XI for the two groups.

The playing XI for the previous IPL match was beneath in the table. The playing XI reflected the strength and depth of both teams, and the teams performed admirably in cricket.

CSK vs GT Playing 11

Kolkata Knight Riders Chennai Super Kings
Shubman Gill Ruturaj Gaikwad
Venkatesh Iyer Faf du Plessis
Nitish Rana Robin Uthappa
Rahul Tripathi Moeen Ali
Dinesh Karthik(w) Ambati Rayudu
Eoin Morgan(c) MS Dhoni(w/c)
Shakib Al Hasan Ravindra Jadeja
Sunil Narine Shardul Thakur
Lockie Ferguson Dwayne Bravo
Shivam Mavi Deepak Chahar
Varun Chakaravarthy Josh Hazlewood

Yesterday IPL Match Playing XI

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Highlights of Yesterday IPL match

The thrilling IPL match that took place yesterday between CSK and GT had fans on the edge of their seats. The match was a great spectacle for cricket fans because it featured a lot of exciting moments. Bumrah’s Best Bowling, Dhoni’s catch, Faf du Plessis’ 100, and other highlights from yesterday’s IPL match include:

The performance of CSk bowler Josh Hazle Wood, who played a crucial role in leading his team to victory, was the game’s highlight. In addition, there were some impressive fielding efforts in the match, with players diving and making spectacular catches to help their team win. In general, it was an engaging game that had fans discussing it long after the last ball was bowled.

Match Final–> Watch all of the highlights of CSK vs. GT in the IPL 2023 Final.

Yesterday IPL Match Highlights Video

Here, you can watch all of the highlights of CSK vs. GT in the IPL 2023 Final. Likewise, check the most recent refreshed IPL 2023 Focuses table here.

Who Scored most Runs in Yesterday IPL Match?

As per the principles of cricket, the player who scores the most runs in a counterpart for their group is considered to have scored the most runs in the match.


Name Faf du Plessis
Team Chennai Super Kings
Score 86 runs off 59 balls

Who took the most Wickets in Yesterday IPL Match?

One important factor in determining a match’s winner is a player’s ability to pick off wickets. It goes without saying that early wickets have a significant impact on the match’s outcome in short-format cricket. There is a player who is regarded as the match’s Most Wicket Taker because they have taken the most wickets for their team.

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The player with the best economic rate will be declared to have picked the most wickets in yesterday’s IPL match if they pick the same number of wickets as another player.


Name Shardul Thakur(CSK)
Wickets 3

Who hit the most number of Sixes in Yesterday IPL Match?

When a player starts hitting sixes in a short format match, his performance can cause a sudden shift in the flow of the match. Therefore, players must be eager to set a high scoring standard by hitting as many boundaries as possible with only 120 balls.

In the Indian Premier League, a prize was given to the player who hit as many sixes as possible during a game. Here, a list will be updated according to how many runs each player has scored:


Similar number of three sixes is hit by Faf du Plessis, Robin Uthappa Moeen Ali of Chennai Super Rulers, and Venkatesh Iyer of Gujral Titans.


Who Won Man of the Match award in Yesterday IPL Match?

The player who contributed significantly to the team’s victory with the bat, the ball, or both will receive the Man of the Match award. At the conclusion of the match, the winner of the Man of the Match award and the amount of the prize will be announced.


Name Faf du Plessis
Team Chennai Super Kings
Role Batsman
Stats Bat: 86 off 59 balls
Ball: Did not bowl

FAQs Related to Who Won Yesterday Match in IPL 2023?

Who was Player of the Match in Yesterday IPL Match?

It is given to a player whose batting, bowling, or both in a match win the match. After the match is over, the “Player of the Match” winner and the other prizes are announced.

Who Scored most Runs in Yesterday IPL Match?

The players who scored the most runs for each team in yesterday’s IPL match are as follows:

Who took the most wickets in Yesterday IPL Match?

Obtaining wickets is essential to victory in the game’s shorter format. These bowlers picked up the most wickets in the IPL match yesterday:

Who hit the most number of Sixes in Yesterday IPL Match?

The IPL gives a prize to the player who scored the most sixes during the match at the conclusion of the game. Contingent upon the most runs scored by every individual player, this rundown will be refreshed as follows:

Who took the best catch in Yesterday IPL Match?

In both the IPL and cricket, the phrase “catch wins matches” is frequently used. Look at this player, who made a special catch during the game.

Who won last night’s IPL match?

CSK emerged victorious in yesterday’s IPL match.

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